soft apocalypse

Soft apocalypse lounge – Acrylic on canvas (90 x 60 cm)

Soft apocalypse

The announced cataclysm, the long-awaited catastrophe. Images of a dystopian and paradoxical future, science-fiction visions. A world left to abandonment, shrouded in silence. The quiet night arrives.

But if ruin seems inevitable to us, the collective myth intertwined with hope can lead us to envision a disaster accompanied by surreal stillness. A devastated environment reverting to a predominant nature, yet one where we can still live as comfortable spectators. A catastrophe that remains aesthetically positive and pleasing to our senses. Probably an imaginative image distant from the reality that awaits us, as we can no longer believe in a global catastrophe; the wealth and domination over the world we have acquired forbid it.

END DANCE BAR – Acrylic on canvas (150 x 100 cm)
Romantic walk – Acrylic on canvas (90 x 90 cm)
Eolica – Acrylic on canvas
La porta – Acrylic on canvas