to Mars

Window reflection 2049 – video projection on painting (160×90 cm)


The visions that fueled our collective dreams blur, lose their charm, and strength. Many of them turn out to be mirages, and some reveal their ruinous consequences. However, collective imagination consistently creates new myths and visions of a possible future where we can pour our utopias, with the promise of emerging from this process of calamity.

From the fear of the great cataclysm arises a new utopia, a new vision projected beyond the boundaries of the earth, towards the unexplored universe, in interplanetary space, to surpass known boundaries and abandon the ship destined to sink into the maelstrom.

A collective dream repeated many times in the past, but one that can once again help us nurture our hopes. A sparkling finale, but with a slight aftertaste of resignation and general powerlessness in the face of the inevitable destiny we leave to our native home.

A tragicomic epilogue looms, responding to the need for a new vision, horizons to explore, new boundaries to colonize. A new world to inhabit, exploit, and submit to our desires. A world in which to forge again the sublime illusion.

For a new perfect future – light sign – acrylic on plexiglass
Mars Holiday – Video projection on painting (18 min)
Mercurio – Acrylic and oil on Canvas (90 x 60 cm)
La montagna nel cielo – Acrylic and oil on Canvas (75 x 75 cm)