Tropical cataclysm

Hotel paradise – Acrylic on canvas (160 x 90 cm)

“Tropical Cataclysm, Soft Apocalypse, and The Final Happy End” are three series of works that reflect on visions we create for the future, how we imagine what lies ahead, and what scenarios await us. Projecting into a future scenario is clearly a fascinating mental game, with endless possibilities for modeling and the consequent creation of numerous scenarios without any certainty of their truth. But what we can see for certain is that we live in a period where it is increasingly difficult to project ourselves into the myth of a prosperous future. Instead, we can only envision scenarios of an uncertain and often tragic future.

“Tropical Cataclysm” takes us to a scenario overwhelmed by environmental storm. A landscape enveloped in sand, heat, immersed in a scorching silence. The natural environment transformed, the cataclysm created by human beings. The unexpected consequences after years of endless well-being and consumption. The myth of paradise on earth disintegrates in collective unconsciousness. The control we thought we had achieved over nature and our future proves to be an illusion, a myth that has always been.

Tropical cataclysm – 2023 – light box – Acrylic on Plexiglass
A spectacular happy END – 2023 – Acrylic on canvas (90 x 60 cm)