The desert

painting (oil and acrylic on canvas 240 x 160 cm) complemented by a video projection designed to respond to the colors by creating the illusion of movement on the painting.

The desert

“The Desert” is an installation of a large-format painting on which a video is projected.

The two mediums, painting and video, interact with each other and the two superimposed images create the vibrant optical illusion of a dazzling metropolis. This is the place of the “pursuit of happiness” of the individual, the place where we can realize our desires and our ambitions.

The bright lights of the metropolis shine and make the intricate set of buildings pulsate, the vital whirlwind of the city that never sleeps. The viewer observes the unreal panorama, the mirage, and the illusion is inevitable.

But an apocalyptic sky thickens over the metropolis, foreshadowing an uncertain future. It is an omen that begins to sow doubt about the myth of the abundance and fertility of the future.