Hotel Chihuahua – Acrylic on canvas (30 x 30 cm) and video

Hotel Chihuahua

The obsession with paradisiacal places continues with the Chihuahua Holiday series. A parody of unreal images, where our tropical islands, places of worship for billions of tourists, are transformed into places of interplanetary communication: a new horizon into which to pour our utopias.

Chihuahua Holiday is series composed of several paintings and video slides that represent the collective dream of tourism and, at the same time, show the hidden face of this phenomenon: the inevitable implosion of this dream. With environmental and climatic changes and with the pressure of the touristic wave, the dream can only collapse upon itself and leave the place to be destroyed by this contemporary vision.

Island apocalypse – Acrylic and oil on canvas (90 x 60 cm)
Island evolution – Acrylic and oil on canvas (90 x 90 cm)
Island station – Acrylic and oil on canvas (90 x 60 cm)
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