TELEPORT  (2010)


Teleport can be defined a narrative installation. It is a combination of pictorial images and video motion images that convey the idea of a “surreal journey” towards a utopian future.
The installation plays with the viewer whilst narrating a story and establishing a connection between video images, paintings, lights and sounds, in order to transform the room into a sort of theatrical stage where the “becoming of all the parts perform the show”.

The installation is organized following a linear flow that can be read from left to right, as if it was a line in a book's paragraph, in order to stress the narrative intention and to give the viewer a path to read through. One character moves across the whole installation. His journey begins within a painted reality he's trying to escape, and ends up somewhere unsought. A surreal allegory of our present unfolds, frame by frame, traveling in a vague and frantic world, glutted with symbols and signs that want to make us lose bearings.

The journey is towards the future; the “Teleport” is the medium. The character is aiming for redemption and perhaps an easy way out from the everyday toughness represented with the pictorial materiality. Teleport gets him into a “non-place” where the reality is dematerialized through the  video images and eventually ends up back in an undefined site.

Teleport is a story about the feelings of unreality to which the nowadays reality makes us used to and tells about the distortion of the way we perceive our surrounding and the implied subjectivity of it. Reality has become a sort of fiction, an adventure film about our ingenuity and our hope for the hero's victory and thrive

Combination of paintings with lights (90x90 cm) and a video projection on canvas (90x144 cm) from the period of 19 min in loop

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2,5 min. video excerpt

Teleport on the beach


The contrast of two means of expression within the same space, painting and video, creates a collision between moving and still images, between the traditional, pictorial image and the new, in this case, the video image. A contrast, wants to emphasize the identity crisis of the traditional technique. The tradition that in the modern age will be continuously shattered and renewed. This entail, however, a problem also for the new technology: sooner or later they will be overtaken by other, newer technologies and they will end up feeding this system. This is a situation of crisis, in which the two means of expression, enabled to express fully their own creative potential, because they are fearful of their mortality.

The identity crisis is reflected in the character, who feels his cold, gray room, unreal and strange. He dreams of faraway places where he can escape from their harsh reality. He dreams of the perfect hamlet, where he can live the idyllic peace of mind. But the awareness of the impossibility of such a situation, this utopian vision, an awareness that there is not even roast pork and wine bottles falling from the sky. It leaves him speechless, confused and shakes his body and deformed by this terrible truth, that he will die there too.

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Painting on canvas (90 x 90 cm) and a screen with a video-image-loop (link), all surrounded by an ever-gentle melody.