The Psycho Walk is a trap of spectacular effects and optical illusions that have been designed for a viewer avid for exciting experiences. It is an “environmental operation” that forces the viewer into a specific path where he will lose his bearings and his critical distance will become less clear.

The work is an installation within a totally dark room. From outside the viewer can glimpse a wobbling light accompanied by the echo of footsteps that would draw him into the darkness. Once inside the cavern, the light would define its shape as a video that is the only visible element so far. The video depict a character that seems to be walking towards the audience. As the viewer comes closer, he crosses an imaginary line and releases a system of sensors that activates the “trap”: flashing lights will assail him one after the other, and a massive, fluorescent labyrinth will appear all around the video. Then suddenly everything will jump back into the darkness from which it came, and only a floating reminiscence will remain impressed onto the eyes-retina.

The Psycho Walk wants to recall the sharp contrast between the void and the height, both coexisting in our everyday lives; the schizophrenic alternate of exciting sensations with those of profound paranoia that inhabit the existence. The lights, the impulses, the glut we are looking for, and are always offered, fade out and lay us aside, with the hope for the show to start again and take us away from the emptiness that we ingenuously try to escape.

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