Utopia (2012-2013)

Video documentation

Chapter 11.02.13 - 02.05.13

It is a multimedia installation that shows a collection of a remarkable number of informations drawn from international news in different and specific periods of time. Starting from the abstracts from the news, mostly of geo-political interest, I created a narration that unfolds as a “cascade of informations”. The result is an installation that invites the viewer to notice details and contradictions of mass-media's storytelling. The framework of fruition recreates the home comfort with a couch set in the middle of the room, from where the viewer can comfortably sit and watch the show. What's to see is a summary of everyday stories and global events that want to induce a reflection on how reality gets continuously transformed into a media event and how it is easy to fall into an uncritical and superficial fruition, as if it was just another episode of a TV show.

During the projection the viewer is submerged by a sustained flow of images and sounds; but the installation also offers an alternative, a small shelter: in the center of the cascade of images and informations there is a glowing tropical island. From the ceiling a noise-remover headphone hangs and plays a caraibean jingle, this allows the visitor to become estranged and to symbolically choose the glowing island, intimate and safe place, instead of the “cascade of reality abstracts”.

The island is the secure home to those who chooses it. For everyone it represents an utopia which is separate from the world's frenzy, that we passionately follow, even if often it makes us fall into a feeling of powerlessness and passiveness.