MEMORY   series of paintings  90x90   in rapport at series of photographs   50x75




THE WALL    (2009)

This project was realized together with the Swiss photographer Reto Albertalli, whose work often revolves around the language of reportage with political and social engagement ( Thus “The Wall” is presented as a dialogue between two different artists' perspectives and working manners.   
The site also known as the death strip, where once rose the Berlin wall, has paradoxically become a via of dialogue between artistic speeches.

Albertalli's photography explores through the abandoned Iron Curtain and it gathers its very essence: the still perceivable misery of an area soaked with memories that plough the urban fabric like old scars. Striking images of empty spaces, ruins and derelicts.
The pictorial language instead tells possible stories about those places that accentuate the contrasts, extend the boundaries and make the suggestiveness of the images extreme in diverse ways. Thus the sites depicted within the paintings become other from those within the photographies whilst preserving the atmosphere they stem from: surreal places,  at times brutal, overstepped by figures deep in doing something undefined. They seem to be ghosts wandering in a limbo suspended between the past and the present time.

Thanks to the combination and the contrast between the two artistic languages the strip of death is represented through a double view and a twofold possibility of perceiving.
Therefore the energy of the place becomes more powerful, as well as all its intrinsic factors.