Scenography n.desert (2011)


"Scenography n.desert" is an installation that combines painting and video.
The video-animation is projected directly onto the painting, which is by nature a very solid presence but as soon as the projection lights affect it, the ensemble becomes a sort of electronic and fluid vision.

A harmonious and aesthetic vista, but of which we can only take a fleeting glimpse: as viewers we are eventually abandoned on a distant cliff, on a strip of dry land to look beyond that ocean that only exists in pixels and prevents our access, and at the horizon is left the ideal beauty of a symbol.
There is a sea between us and the metropolitan world around us. The city that outreaches all around us, vibrates of exciting lights, but on the other side it is unreal, like a vision, we feel we do not comprehend. It leaves us alone with ourselves, whereas its scintillating and arrogance is continuous and independent of us.

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