THE CRUSADE    (2006)


Many different sides combined together compose this work that becomes transfigured through the languages of video, sculpture and narrative performance to tell one story : the Crusade.

The tale starts in the shape of a game. It develops following a childlike feeling as “playing at the war” where violence, racism and death are present, even though hidden behind the cheerful and colourful miniature figurines. The way of dealing with this earnest topic wants to remind of the superficiality we all tend to show when relating to these events when they are reported in news, magazines or narrated in films. Distant stories that become tales of adventure, unreal, fascinating but that would paralyse us if we had to face them for real.

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CROSS-EVOLVING    structures in evolution    60x60x25 to 60x140x12 to 180x140x140 cm

THE CRUSADE    video    (7 min)